Regulation of e-cigarettes: stars who like e-cigarettes

In a context where the European Commission intends to regulate e cigarettes, exactly how has it been come close to?

For or against vaping? At the end of May, press insurance coverage on giving up cigarette smoking was not long in coming. In a context where the European Commission intends to regulate e cigarettes, exactly how has it been come close to?

Public Senate: The Globe in docs

Le Monde en docs transmitted on Public Sénat recommended a discussion around the harmfulness of e cigarettes. Michèle Rivasi, MEP understood for her "anti-vape" placement, Sébastien Béziau, Head Of State of Sovape, Amine Benyamina, psychoanalyst - addictologist as well as Pascal Diethelm, Vice-president of the National Committee Versus Smoking, took part. This program describes the broadcast of the documentary "Nicotine, the drug of the future"

RTL: Michel Cymes: "What pure nicotine substitutes to place an end to cigarettes?"

In a program broadcast on RTL, Michel Cymes, who had however recommended the electronic cigarette, never discussed it in the context of cigarette smoking cessation.

Stars who like electronic cigarettes

If Michel Cymes shuns vaping, this is not the situation with particular stars.

After recouping from a stroke, Catherine Deneuve, muse of the movie The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (... city of the Petit Vapoteur), weaned herself from tobacco by embracing the vape! And she's not the only vaping celebrity. Lady Gaga, Katherine Heigl, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or even Leonardo Dicaprio have actually also chosen the e cigarette.

CAKVAPE is a professional online branded electronic cigarette store that sells products to global markets including the United States.

Young people cigarette smoking has doubled in San Francisco, a city where vaping is banned

In 2019, the city of San Francisco prohibited the sale of electronic cigarettes in order to limit accessibility to minors. Scientists at Oxford College for the journal Pure nicotine as well as Cigarette Research carried out a research. They intended to recognize if young vapers would have smoked rather. It shows that the decline in cigarette smoking has increased given that the look of vaping.

A 2nd study published in the journal JAMA Pediatric medicine confirms this outcome. The researchers evaluated underage smoking rates between a number of areas in the USA and San Francisco. She wraps up that smoking prevalence has actually doubled contrasted to other United States territories that have actually not outlawed e cigarettes.


... Information that could well close the discussion.

In Venezuela, an initial public examination towards the legalization of TPD vape.

This is a success for the whole area of Venezuelan vapers that will certainly be able to make their voices listened to by taking part in a public examination quickly to be introduced by the country's Ministry of Health.

A public appointment to make the voice of Venezuelan vapers listened to

A public examination is composed in asking the point of view of residents on a subject of general rate of interest in order to integrate it into the legislative process. Mariam Bolívar, a citizen convinced by the possibility of vaping in cigarette smoking cessation, developed the Organization of Vapeo de Venezuela in 2019.

This person has won a genuine success. The country's Ministry of Health wants to carry out an examination, driven by a wish to alter vaping regulations to open the market to lawful sales as well as make it fairer. On April 6, Mariam Bolívar introduced that Venezuela is to date "the first nation in Latin America to acquire beneficial policies for the marketing of electronic cigarettes or vapers, hence noting a legal path for possible guidelines in d 'other areas.'

At the heart of an anti-vape Latin America, according to the setting of the WHO

Brazil, Argentina ... are all Latin American countries where vaping items are not welcome. Venezuela is on the way to being an exemption, the result of an intense struggle kept by Mariam Bolívar that means to enhance the general mobilization: "I call on the neighborhood of traders in my country to sign up with the @asovapevzla and to adhere to the guidelines that have actually enabled this success, but I would also like to stress and anxiety that only traders as well as importers appropriately governed by this brand-new policy will gain from it. It depends on you to deal with the progress, sign up with the motion and also reject those that seek to be destabilizing independent figures who do not add anything to our area.

Previously this year, some medical professionals had sent out a letter to different ministries in Chile, Argentina and Colombia. This technique aims to warn them of the danger to public health of the latest referrals versus vaping issued by the WHO. Will they be sensitive to it?

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