USA Cigarettes Store events are very good

Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap is not similar

2. The anti-counterfeiting style of "double dragons taking part in beads" within the back

Authentic cigarettes: "dragon ball" style, round, whole, bright around bead appearance, dragon baseball above this rays of many zhangs; "Double Dragon" style, bright in addition to clear, monster scales, monster claws definitely visible; Yunyan pinyin cerebrovascular events round in addition to full.

Fake cigarette: this counterfeit cigarette smoking dragon baseball dim not any glow; Two times dragon style blurred, you will discover oxidation destinations; Yunyan pinyin even strokes. Fig. 3 Left legitimate and suitable false

3. Model of the eventually left pull cord head in addition to sealing having transparent report

Real smoking cigarettes: the model of the head is usually a small semicircle; Top of the and cheaper ends on the cellophane sizzling sealing indicate contraction history, and the center position is usually smooth.

Fake cigarette: is very important of this counterfeit cigarette smoking pull cord head is usually half ellipse; Transparent report sealing brand at both equally ends on the contraction on the trace, the center position on the hot wrapping up bubble far more. Figure 3 applies above in addition to false underneath

4. The end of this steel attributes and see-through paper wrapping up

Real smoking cigarettes: steel cerebrovascular USA Cigarettes Store events are very good, strong, different variety of strength Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap is not similar; Transparent report ironing Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping even, natural contraction, pass out visible draw.

Counterfeit cigarette smoking: the fake cigarette seal of approval strength is usually small, basically are not able to see this stamp; See-through paper sizzling sealing loose, no draw.

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