How to Tell Your Cat's Health Through Cat Poop

It can tell you if they're experiencing a blockage or an underlying illness, or if their cat food isn't agreeing with them. 

Most cats poop at least once a day, and funny cat stool is a great indicator of your kitty's state of health. It can tell you if they're experiencing a blockage or an underlying illness, or if their cat food isn't agreeing with them. 

As a cat parent, cleaning out the litter box may not be one of your favorite activities (if it is, we have plenty of litter boxes for you here!) But did you know that checking cat poop to ensure it's a normal color and shape is one of the most important things you can do to keep your feline friend healthy?

When we have a cat, we help our cats scoop poop every day, not only because they love hygiene, but also because this cleaning work can prevent cats from getting sick, and there are also cat litter trays to avoid bacterial contamination. In fact, we can help cats scoop poop every day, we can also know the health of the cat through the poop! Here we recommend teddykala's robot cat litter box, an automated cat toilet specially tailored for cats, which is deeply loved by cats.

Generally speaking, a healthy cat's feces should be brown or earthy, but of course, depending on the color of the food the cat eats, there will be some differences in the color of its feces each time. In addition, the feces excreted by a healthy cat should be soft and complex, with a certain degree of firmness and moistness, and can be wrapped in cat litter.

However, when a cat is sick, its feces will change! For example, sometimes the cat's feces are black or have blood in them, which means the cat may be infected with intestinal parasites; infected enteritis; the anus is injured or infected, or the cat has total white blood cell reduction.

When the cat's stool also appears yellow, and this may be mainly due to the imbalance of bacteria in the cat's intestinal tract, if accompanied by diarrhea, it may be a serious imbalance of bacteria in the body, the intestinal tract inflammation, in this case, you must take the cat to the doctor promptly!

At the same time, the cat's stool may be dry, hard, and granular, this situation means that the cat usually drinks too little fiber, gastrointestinal digestion is not normal, resulting in poor digestion, metabolic disorders, and serious cases may appear constipation, or even poisoning disease, it is best to feed some lactobacillus to cats.

Hard stool (score 1) is typically a sign of constipation, which can be associated with dehydration, colon obstruction, or certain metabolic and neurological conditions. Thus, if you notice that your cat is passing poop that is too hard in consistency, you should pay a visit to the vet and address the issue. The hard poop is washed in smaller, spherical pellets that leave no residue on the ground, and the passing itself requires more effort.


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